The worst thing to do is buy a home. It’s not an investment. It’s a liability.

Home trick

Guys the absolute worst thing we have all been tricked into is, buying a home with a little white picket fence. That was sold to our parents in the 70-80’s and has just been discovered that it’s a total lie. Created by the big cheese themselves. Uncle Sam. The worst Uncle of all. See a home is a great thing. I know that sounds like a double standard. It is. It’s a great thing to have but at the same time, it is a huge liability. It creates no income and can drain you in tough times. Hell, it drains you in good times!! The only thing that could come good of that situation is that you sell it for more than you paid for it. But, still a bad investment. It creates no income and a lot of expense. There is no way a home that you live in can generate income. Unless you ran a business out of your garage and that could create some kind of income. But, let’s look at it like this. You could rent an apartment and have the freedom to up and move if the right job where to present its self. That’s not happening with a house.

People are confused about the whole house thing. There will be another correction soon and all the homeowners will be at risk once again. We can’t fall victim to this issue any longer. our government has to do something about it, before its too late.


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A great rags to riches story.

hey, Jeff here. I was out on a business trip to OKC in the middle of America and had the opportunity to meet a successful young man on the golf course. We all have a similar interest. We know the only way to survive and create the life you really want want is to be obsessed. We are all obsessed about something and we have to remember that is how we get what we want out of every day life it helps us push towards a goal that will hopefully help us reach our final destination.

So I get OKC last week and the crew and I had been out the night before to a great place in downtown OKC. The Skervin hotel. We had just ate dinner and was hanging out in the lobby chewing the fat and talking about business and a mutual friend came in with his friend and introduced us.

Steven is a well rounded person that knows everyone in OKC that any entrepreneur should want to know as well.

So as we chatted I gained more interest in his buddy James. He was quite the interesting gentleman. Liked fine cigars and whisky. He had stories for days of his journeys in business bouncing around the country setting up hail damage catastrophe repair sites when a storm would come barreling through with large hail.

I asked him how he was introduced into this fascinating niche.

James stated, ” I was just a guy trying to make a living at the local dealership here in town. One day we had some bad weather and it was chaos on the lot. I had never seen an entire car lot be destroyed within a few short minutes. People where trying to get cars in the shop and any where that had a covered area to protect the vehicles. We had a crew show up a couple days later that where here to clean up the mess.” It was like a traveling circus to give you a visual.

“They sat up huge tents and got to work on all the cars that had been beat with hail. It was controlled chaos as far as I could tell.” Said James.

It peaked my interest as to how they where able to straighten out the vehicles and make them look like the hail damage never happened. It was like magic almost.

After talking to the repairsmen James stated that his interest was growing into an obsession. He was sure that if these goons could do that and make the money that they where it would be a homerun for him. So James went on to tell me about his training and later to the grand opening of his multi million dollar business that is today one of the most acclaimed hail repair companies in the U.S. He was like so many that just barely got by and was feasting off the scraps. He knew one thing though. Hustle and being obsessed about being the best is what got him to his new career and more lavish lifestyle. We all have to be so aware that we see the opportunities like these when they arise. We can’t always be looking at our cell phones and not seeing what blessings are laid out in front of us. The best part of the story is that James now helps others to learn this trade and how to scale and prosper in any economy. It’s been real guys and hope you got a good read out of this post. Stay tuned and I will talk to you soon.


P.s. To read more about James and his company go here Best dent repair shop in OKC.



Enter the world of exotic automobile investing

Today guys i want to talk to you about owning exotic cars and driving them for free. Yes, you heard me. Free!! There are so many people i see that have these piece of crap cars and that pay 300-400 dollars and month just to drive them and not really enjoy them. There is a way if you have the knowledge i am about to teach you on how you can literally own an exotic car and drive it essentially free while you own it. What If I told you the only expense you will have owning this car for the 12 -18 months is the insurance premium, would you believe me? You shouldn’t until I explain myself. There are people out there doing this right now and enjoying the speed and power of these beautiful machines. Let me dive right in and enlighten you on how your next car could be a Lamborghini.

I ran across this by accident one day. I was scrolling through the online auto ads and noticed there was a dealer in Miami that had a 2013 Gallardo that was in great condition and had decently low miles, wasn’t an E-gear. That’s a trick I learned. The E-gear cars had a lot of transmission problems. So I went and looked at it and it was perfect. Lime green and all. So I sat out to see how I could get them to come down on price. The car has been there for 120 days so I used that piece of information to my advantage. They dealer said alright we will take your offer and I got my bank to loan me the money for 52 months and i didn’t care what the rate was for because I knew that I was going to be able to get the car and drive it for at least a year and only pay 30-40 thousand that whole time I have the vehicle. So I go it all setup and drove that bad boy off the lot and couldn’t be more than ecstatic. I’m driving around in a 4-year-old Lambo that is the same payment as a BMW 3 series. Crazy, so I have figured out a way to broker this deal to others interested in owning an exotic car for cheap. The best thing is I get to play with exotic cars and make money while doing it now. I have a gentleman I just got an Aventador for that was the same monthly payment as a Diesel pickup. Insane! So James @ (his companies site) was looking already to have a vehicle like this to use for media hype and getting attention for his business. So he got in on my deal and is loving every minute of it. There’s a fine line and a little cash up front but this is a sure fire way to get that dream car you’ve always wanted.  Just contact me and I’ll send you my free e-book on how you can do this yourself.

James and his new Lambo


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