The worst thing to do is buy a home. It’s not an investment. It’s a liability.

Home trick

Guys the absolute worst thing we have all been tricked into is, buying a home with a little white picket fence. That was sold to our parents in the 70-80’s and has just been discovered that it’s a total lie. Created by the big cheese themselves. Uncle Sam. The worst Uncle of all. See a home is a great thing. I know that sounds like a double standard. It is. It’s a great thing to have but at the same time, it is a huge liability. It creates no income and can drain you in tough times. Hell, it drains you in good times!! The only thing that could come good of that situation is that you sell it for more than you paid for it. But, still a bad investment. It creates no income and a lot of expense. There is no way a home that you live in can generate income. Unless you ran a business out of your garage and that could create some kind of income. But, let’s look at it like this. You could rent an apartment and have the freedom to up and move if the right job where to present its self. That’s not happening with a house.

People are confused about the whole house thing. There will be another correction soon and all the homeowners will be at risk once again. We can’t fall victim to this issue any longer. our government has to do something about it, before its too late.


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