Guys the time is now. Don’t save to save. Save to Invest!

We have all heard it before. You need to save your money. No! you need to invest your money. You can’t save your way to financial freedom. There’s no way. The rich didn’t save their way to financial freedom and, neither will you, there’s a time and place to stash your cash and there is a time when you will want to reinvest that money to create more streams of income. This is serious folks. The middle class was created to make people feel that there was hope and they were doing good in their lives, but, let me tell you. That was lie sold to us many years ago. There is no middle class. It’s a┬ámade up thing just like money. All money is a number on computer server somewhere. You can’t really see money, yeah i know what your thinking. Jeff has lost his marbles. I want you to call a bank right now and tell them you have a million dollars there and want to withdraw it. They are going to tell you they don’ thave it, they will have to order it from the reserve. I’m personally scared that when shit hit’s the fan and people make a run on the banks we will see a catastrophe happen.

I mean come on. The banks loan your money out 9 times over and then say well we can’t get your money today, we can’t even get it this week. It has to be ordered and then we will have an IRS associate talk with you about what you’re going to do with the money. Shit guy’s you didn’t have a problem taking the money in the first place!! Now, you don’t want to give me the damn cash, which is mine anyways! Unbelievable! Guys this is why you have to invest your cash. I wouldn’t make any kind of play personally until you get a 100k in the bank then make a move. Your money won’t do much for you with investing any less than that with the way to dollar is losing value every year. Listen in on what one of the greats explaining finance and business has to say about all this money mess.


Thanks guys for reading!! Your friend in business education, Jeff

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